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Hello and Welcome to Moon Time Wear Designs!

My Boutique Store Motto is "Escape the Ordinary".

I Strive to Provide a Unique and Creative Collection of the Highest Quality Clothing Available. The Idea Is To Celebrate Artistic Design Accompanied With Individuality.

I Provide Completely Original Ideas With You In Mind. When I am Creating Children's Clothing, I Enter The Mind Of My Own Children And Create Through Their Eyes, By Using Fabrics And Fun Ideas They Will Enjoy. I Use Designs That Allow Them To Be Free And Comfortable At The Same Time.

All Of My Garments Are Preshrunk, Serged With a Four-Stitch Overlock Machine And Top Stitched For Added Durability.

Thank You For Supporting Independent Artists

About MTW

Who are YOU?

Moon Time Wear Designs Is A Fun, Creative, Company That Offers Designs That Celebrate Unique Personalities.

What do YOU do?

MTW Designs Creative, Original Threads That Allow Comfort While Inspiring Others To Find Their Own Artistic Spark.

Why do YOU matter?

Moon Time Wear Designs Celebrates The 3 R's. Reduce, Reuse And Recycle. MTW Is An Eco-Friendly Independent Company. There Are So Many Things The World Could Be Reusing To Create Into Fantastic Original Art. This Is My Way Of Leading.

How do YOU stand within the integrity of your community—industry and at-large?

I Think There Are So Many Huge Corporations In This World, So Many Selling And Creating Of The Exact Same Thing. I Strive To "Escape The Ordinary" Not Only With My Designs, But I Encourage Others To Come Together And Find Their Own Creative Energies. I Incorporate And Celebrate Pure Sincere Happiness Of Children And Build Others While Leading With Truth And Honesty. I Offer Realistic Affordable Pricing On My Hand Crafted Designs So That Everyone Can Own An Original Creation That Inspires Themselves And Everyone Around Them. I Want Everyone To Feel Comfortable And Special In Everything I Create. I Offer Complete Satisfaction On All My Items. I Accept Custom Ordering Designs And Fulfill Local Alteration Needs. I Purchase My Own Items From Other Independent Artists. Celebrate Others, Buy Handmade.

Custom Designs

I Create Original Clothing And Accessories For Children And Adults. I Have A Very Eclectic Style And Try To Incorporate That Into My Designs. Whether Righteous Retro, Funky 80's, Or Up To Date Boutique Styles, I Design Them All. I Enjoy Patchworking And Designing Costumes.

Custom Orders Are Accepted and Encouraged.
I Love Creating Your Ideas.
If You Are Looking For Something Other Than A Design That You See In My Shop.

Send Me A Description Of The Design You Are Wanting Along With Your Exact Measurements: Bust (Fullest Point) Waist (Above Hip) Widest Hip And Length Desired.
Custom Orders Are To Be Purchased Before Items Are Created.

All Of The Items Listed In My Boutique Are Specifically Created To Fit My Models. This Gives You An Idea Of How My Designs Fit, The Originality Of Each Creation And The Comfort Of The Item.

PLEASE NOTE: All Of These Items Are For Sale, However If You Are Looking For A Different Size Or Color Scheme, That Is Never A Problem.

I Strive On Creating Original Designs
So Please Keep In Mind That Fabrics May Vary In Custom Ordering. Your Approval Will Be Obtained Before Any Creating Is Done. To Request A Custom Design.

Here Is What You Do:
Order And Purchase The Design That You Like.
At The Checkout, Note Your Specifics...
Color Scheme Requests, Sizing, And Anything Else You Would Like To Add To The Design.

If You Have Any Questions, Please Feel Free To Email Me.

I Want Your Complete Satisfaction!


Moon Time Wear Fan Box

Monday, September 21, 2009

Fall's Message

I am working to have a specific message for each season of the year. For this Fall, My message is "THINK GREEN". As the world (or some of it) is trying to think eco-friendly, you can do your part in so many different ways. Just little things from buying or making your own grocery/shopping bags, to reusing gift wrap, newspapers, plastic, or anything you can find or create a new use for or find a new home for. If you start to really think about the 3 R's and how to implement them into your life, there are so many easy ideas that will come to mind. There is so much useful information on the web on how to help out. After a while of thinking in the aspect recycling and reusing, you will find yourself unconsciously doing it, and unconsciously inspiring others to do it as well. I do have to mention that one great way to help our world is to buy from independent artists that create items from recycled fabrics. Moon Time Wear Designs does just that, while I also work with other independent artists to incorporate ways to add organic cotton items to my company, I am also working with others to help them establish a place in the world by sharing my love of their own work and trying to find ways to help them. We are all one.. It's time we start acting like it. Love it, Create it, Share it!

Here are just 5 good reasons to recycle:
1. Recycling conserves our natural resources
2. Recycling saves energy
3. Recycling saves clean air and clean water
4. Recycling saves landfill space
5. Recycling can save money and create jobs

I recently met some great people at a festival. find them at look for me on the flicker photostream

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